Bridging Passions and Mishaps

These conversations were created to address issues related to today’s young women who are faced with the challenges of making life long decisions.  Decisions linked to educational endeavors, career paths, building sustaining personal and professional relationships, mastering physical and financial wellness and building a positive and powerful future.  In our journey through life, we convene upon and prevail over many challenges.  Through these travels, we are sometime unaware of the inner gifts that have been created by our passions and by our mishaps.  We have a propensity to overlook our passions and become wedged and misguided by our mishaps.

Our passions are related to those sometimes small behaviors, minor idiosyncrasy, passing fulfilling moments; where we desire more or find ourselves enthralled in density.  Once we have experienced these moments; we tend to evolve into a space of gratification, feelings of accomplishment or sensing the excitement for more exploration.  While mishaps have a tendency toward being significant, it is laden with a series of mistakes, errors, inadequacies, ego interruptions, and sometime with anxieties, depressions, anger, grieving and other such painful occurrences. The goal for these conversations is to bridge the innate, those inborn passions; to the inevitable, those unexpected and unprepared for mishaps.

It is this author’s opinion that in assessing, embracing and bridging the known, felt and unexpected we strengthen our abilities to become most powerful in our life’s decisions and convictions. Our personal evolution is not in error, we are predisposed to our destiny. Therefore, what has come in front, in between or behind us is the inevitable.   We need to formulate it, pacify it, nurture it, and bridge it together.  By bridging our passions to our mishaps; our positives to our negatives; our strengths to our weaknesses; our gifts and talents to our hindrances and victimizations, we are building a successful individualized portfolio.

These conversations are intended to be interactive and presented in a workshop genre.  The venue is college campus throughout the United States with a focus on the female student and staff.

Celina Belmarce Pina Shemo, Psy.D.