Ly Nevaeh


The program was designed to help youth learn how to build and manage small business. Using their ideas and creativity and enhancing their knowledge of the business world, youth create their ideal small business, design their dream environment, and write a business plan template. Ly Nevaeh was developed to help these youth and young adults to idealize and realize their passions, creativity while learning through the world of work.

This summer work program allows participants to receive training from successful retailers and business owners, who serve as “limited” mentors. Participants receive coaching on “how to aspire and fulfill their dreams and passions.” While developing their gifts in the retail industry, participants also learn how to run a business. Participants enjoy the many facets of the retail industry and are exposed to the work of work through shadowing in various small businesses.

The mission is to encourage and motivate inner city youth and young adults away from welfare lines, street violence, peer pressures, teen pregnancy and are enspired towards reaching achievable goals and dreams. Ly Nevaeh objective is to primarily train and educate women on all aspects of opening a small business. Participants will receive hands-on training from opening a business to all the intricate areas of making the business fun and successful. Ly Nevaeh’s goal is to motivate and empower all women to follow their passions and dreams and learn how to improve upon their mishaps and burdens.lylogo