Learning Academy

 ”Learning Through Storytelling”

The Learning Academy is a tutorial program for Cape Verdean immigrant students who have limited or no English language skills.  This program is geared towards offering these students an opportunity to acquire language skills through storytelling, while incorporating: role-playing, character building, and self-esteem building, along with homework and project assistance.

Enculturation, coaching and behavioral modification groups are utilized to assist with cultural transition into their new environments.  Families will be provided with information on how to better navigate and interact with their child’s current systems.

The goal of this program is to improve academic and literacy performances, assist with the enculturation process while building self-esteem and coping skills and to assist families with systemic transitions.  The objective of storytelling is to use creativity in learning by using a non-threatening approach to promote success.

The outcome is to create and publish a Cape Verdean youth storybook while enhancing the learning and transitional process.  In 2013 we will incorporate presentations, which can be view via social media. These presentations will allow the participant to access communities throughout the world and provide them with a vehicle of communications to family and friends in Cape Verde.