Anger Management

The “Anger Management” groups provide youth with a vehichle to express complicated feelings and events. Groups are offered for various ages (6-18), genders and life styles. These groups incorporate themes and social media in creating an inner and outer voice.


“Behind Closed Doors” addresses issues that are not seen yet experienced and remain silent or secret. This is a non-intrusive method of addressing issues that can not be discussed with anyone, yet allows for an outlet and a place to heal and find a means towards coping while building empathy.

The following is addressed:

  • Dealing with feelings
    • Identifying: feelings  and meaning of emotions
    • Discussion: what happens behind closed doors that affect these feelings and emotions
    • Discussion: the pain and emotional turmoil of keeping secrets and feeling hopeless
    • Movie: “Freedom Writer”   which depict anger, gangs, inner turmoil, emotional unbalance
    • Writing: first fiction group story of what happens behind closed doors
    • Focus: on how anger feels and identify triggers to anger
    • Establish: resolutions to these feelings and develop forms of coping
    • Writing: second group story on coping with what happens behind closed doors
  • Work on Empathy
    • Defining empathy
    • Identifying empathetic listening and role playing listening skills
    • Identifying apathy and those who are affected; “What if you were in my place.”
    • Write third group story regarding the effects of apathy on others who are behind closed doors
    • Movie, “Hard Ball”
    • Discuss dynamic of the movie
    • Two group debate on empathy vs. apathy
    • Write fourth group story regarding the feelings associated with being empathetic and using the power of empathy behind closed doors
  • Create social media blogs and You Tube video