NeuroTherapeutic Strategies


The primary mission of NTS is to provide non-invasive neuro-therapy and cognitive behavioral techniques to enhance self-regulation and brain functionality to clients interested in optimum performance, help with urge control and improving concentration and focusing. The objective is to increase the natural self-regulatory process that allows the brain to perform at optimum efficiency and to amplify overall performance.

Dr. Celina Pina Shemo is Founder and CEO of NeuroTherapeutic Strategies (NTS) “Brain Aerobics” and Venilia Gardens, Inc (VGI). Venilia Gardens is a 501 (c) 3 organization providing various clinical milieus to children, adolescents and families. NTS is a private entity providing neuro-therapeutic interventions, EEG Neurofeedback (EEGn), EMDR and cognitive behavioral methods to clients in Massachusetts and New York. NTS and Discovery Learning Associates “Sound Brain” (a Boston affiliate) have developed several protocols utilizing light, sound, music, EEGn and cognitive behavioral techniques to enhance self-regulation and brain functionality. The protocols are specific to enhancing overall performance, suppressing urges (hunger) and improving concentration and focusing.

Dr. Pina Shemo is known for her clinical work in trauma, defiance and ADHD . She has provided clinical services for over 25 years, across the country. She is bilingual, Cape Verdean, and an active participant in many professional and cultural organizations.

Dr. Pina Shemo sits on several boards in MA and NYS. She is a motivational speaker, a published author, the host and producer of “Teen Talk TV,” and she addresses audiences across the country on child related topics. She is currently completing her book based on defiance titled “Strands of Silk; The Web Builders, an alternative look at making and changing defiant behaviors, which accompanies a curriculum and a series of children problem solving books titled “Stuff”. The curriculum and book series were developed to address issues related to youth from pre-school through high school.”

EEGn “Brain Aerobics” helps to:

~Enhance Optimal Levels of Functioning

~ Enhance Brain Performance

~ Strengthen Competency

~ Improve Concentration

~ Broaden Creativity

~ Deepen Awareness

~ Amplify Overall Performance