Intensive Family Interventions

Cultural Counseling Services’ overall objective is to improve the family living situations by using a holistic short-term intensive approach to promote self-sufficiency, family trust, and family unity. The objective of the CCS family Skills Building Program is to decrease abusive and apathetic parenting patterns, to increase parenting skills that will empower parents to take positive charge of their children’s growth and development and to increase problem solving abilities that will lend to better family communications, improved support systems, and positive family attachments.

Cultural Counseling Services program is based on a short-term intensive family systems model, which looks at the multifaceted problems in the “whole” family couched within the culture. In specific cases, CCS staff intervenes as a team, providing home-based therapy. As in the CCS Family Stabilization program, teams meets with families two or three times per week for 60-90 minute sessions per clinician, over a 10-week period. The CCS Family Skills Building program meets with families 1.5 hours per week utilizing several CCS clinicians on various topics of skill building over a 10-week period.


Cultural Counseling Services is prepared to respond to referral families within 48 hours. Services provided will be structured by 45-90 minutes session/visits, on a weekly basis or as referred. For supervised visitations the initial intake and orientation will occur in the family home, a plan will be developed to determine how the visits will take place and where.

Since CCS is comprised of bilingual/bicultural clinicians and staff, linguistic and cultural needs are easily addressed. In addition, CCS utilizes individuals who are from the communities being served, therefore, staff has not only professional experience and competencies, but also a personal commitment with that community. This promotes the opportunity for families to openly address issues of trust and seek guidance and direction for further community support services.

CCS will continue to remain abreast of community initiatives and services. In addition, CCS has established affiliations with individuals in areas of psychiatry, social work, psychology, counseling, coaching, parent aids, and bachelor level interns. It is critical that all affiliates are not only culturally sensitive, but have a true understanding of how one’s culture has a direct influence on one’s behavior.

Process of Referral

Make contact with referral within 48 hours

Make collateral contacts within 24 hours

Diagnostic, treatment plan session with family/ individuals within one week of referral

First visit to occur one week from intake session

Documentation occurs at each contact points

Ongoing contact with referring source with recommendations

Available Supports and Interventions

Life Coaching

Mental Heath


Outreach for supportive services

Parent Aide

Support Groups

Parenting Groups

Parent Training & Education

Weekend Overnight Summer Camp