The Little Entrepreneur Program

Exploring talents building character

Summer Work Programs

The mission the TLE Program is to help youth explore their talents and learn how to create their own businesses. Since 2006 TLE has exposed youth to The Clean Team, landscaping  program (information below); The Clean Team, house cleaning program and LyNevaeh Fashion Retail program. These programs are offered in the summer and youth have received financial support from the  New Bedford School System, Venilia Gardens and New Directions.

“The Clean Team, TCT”
Year-round cleaning programs for residential and commercial businesses

Programmatic Information

TCT will enable middle school youth the opportunity to work and generate income via stipend or through summer employment. TCT offers three (3) segments: (1) How to start a business, manage checking and savings accounts, marketing, public relations and web site design; (2) How to do landscaping design; and (3) How to do internal and external clean-up in commercial and residential areas, and appropriate use of cleaning chemicals.


In 2006, TCT piloted  a 6-week summer program using middle school students. TCT participants begin at 8:30 with circle of conversation, and brainstorming; from 9:00 to 2:00 TCT continues with planning, instruction and/or projects; from 2:00 – 2:30 participants conclude the day with circle of conversation and unwinding.


Project include: Community Care Gardens with handmade benches; Block clean-up.


Instruction in: Business development; Investing wisely, saving for tomorrow. Landscaping design; small paint jobs commercial and residential cleaning and understanding the harm of cleaning chemicals.

Needs From Sponsor

Presenters, mentors, and work related contacts with small businesses

Accepting Donations of

Tools, gloves, trash containers, rakes, wheel barrels, sun block, chemical cleaners, vacuums, mops, brooms, carpet cleaners, uniforms, etc.

For more information call, 508 996-8800
Ask to speak to a Clean Team Representative