About Us

Venilia Gardens Incorporated (VGI) was established in 1992 to provide children and celina-223x205their families with a therapeutic milieu that would meet their clinical, cultural, and growth needs. VGI programs provide a supportive environment with trained and licensed bilingual/bicultural professionals utilizing a team approach. VGI has programs serving Southeastern Massachusetts including the Cape and the Islands. These programs are: Cultural Counseling Services (clinical); Helping Hands (Supervised Visit); Camp Venilia; Family Skills Program; The Entrepreneur (work Program); Systemic Network; Chins (Changing How I Negotiate Stuff). These programs are designed to clinically stabilize and enable multi-problem families to overcome patterns of abuse and destructive behaviors, to help open closed doors of secrecy and help families stay together. The primary Mission of VGI is to provide clinical services to children, adolescents and multi-problem families using a systemic clinical approach and to enable these individuals the ability to enhance their functionality while making healthy changes through meeting their complex challenges.
Celina Pina Shemo, Psy. D.; LMHC, LMFT is President and Clinical Administrator of Venilia Gardens, Inc. Dr. Pina Shemo also provides EEG Neurofeedback and EMDR services through her private practice, NeuroTherapeutic Strategies, to patients in Massachusetts and New York, with varying mental health complaints. More recently, she has incorporated performance enhancement techniques utilizing neurotherapeutic methods for those in the creative and athletic arena. Dr. Pina Shemo is known for her distinguished clinical assessment talents and her work with children, especially those who are victims of sexual abuse. She is also noted for her work with children exhibiting various behavioral and attention difficulties. She has provided clinical services for over 25 years in many communities and school systems from San Francisco to Martha’s Vineyard. Dr. Pina Shemo holds her doctorate degree in Psychology, however she is not licensed as a psychologist. She is a member of the American Mental Health Counselors, APSAC, and sits on several boards. Dr. Pina Shemo, who is bi-lingual, is published, a talk show host and addresses audiences in various milieus on child related topics.